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lost and found // óskilamunir

Exhibited in Midpunkt, August - September 2021 during Hambraborg Festival. Work made in collaboration with Agnes Ársæls and Svanhildur Halla Haraldsdóttir

A dog runs through Hamraborg and catches the scent of objects that seem to be just as out of place as he is. His state of waiting connects him to the objects, who knows if or when they will be found again. He maps out the area with his snout to analyse a place that is constantly changing. A fresh scent of a sprouting potato that has slipped out of a grocery bag and has the potential to root itself in damp soil, it is gone the next day. A desk chair smells of cat urine and no person is willing to sit in it due to that fact. A metallic scent of a medal lingers outside of a bar, but the winner is nowhere to be seen.
At the entrance of Midpunkt is a flag that maps out lost and found objects that have been discovered around Hamraborg. Visitors are invited to retrace the objects that might have been found or lost once again.

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