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Constructive - Destructive: Molecules of Modern Society

Honey, salt, chamomile, palm oil, coal, tobacco and plastic wrap.

In this work I take on the way we have isolated ourselves from our environments and how we feel the need for control. I use raw natural materials and contain them in industrial plastic, the material we define as the toxic cycle of consumption. The materials within are all a part of the same ecosystem yet have opposite roles in our society (all related to food culture). One sort of pods contain three natural materials that are considered to be healing and used in both medicinal purposes and daily life: Dried chamomile, honey and salt. The other pods contain three natural materials that are known to be destructive in our society: Palm oil, coal and tobacco.


These separate entities are to resemble molecules of water that have been separated, yet are still a part of one entity of the vast ocean of human culture. We take materials from their origin and give them an alternative purpose within our culture and divide them. The materials react to one another within the plastic sphere and one always rises to the top, one becomes submissive and one acts as the binding material. They are collective, yet separated and alone. Such as ourselves by our own doing.

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